• Organic Aloe Vera

    • Repair Dead Scalp Cells
    • Hydrates Scalp
    • Relieves Scalp irritations
  • Rosemary Leaf

    • Gently cleansing the scalp
    • Relieves irritated scalp
    • Adds Shine
    • Strengthens Hair Follicle
  • Marshmallow Root & Honey

    Marshmallow Root:

    • Detangles Hair By making is softer and slippery


    • Humectant: Extreme Moisture
    • Restore Natural Hair Shine to frizzy, dry, curly, and dull hair
  • Organic Argan Oil

    • Extreme Moisture to scalp & Shaft
    • Protects Hair from damage
    • Aids in hair loss to give thicker fuller look
  • Organic Jojoba Oil

    • Vitamin rich that nourishes dry hair
    • Moisturizes tough hair strands by sealing in moisture
  • Pure Castor Oil

    • Helps thicken the hair
    • Smoothes hair strands
    • Stronger Hair Strands
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Aloe Vera & Rosemary Spray|Hydration|Condition

Aloe Vera & Rosemary Spray|Hydration|Condition

I am in full control of my life, including my hair!

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About the Product

✦All orders come with Free Product Sample & How To Use Brochure

✦Growth Cycle Time: Use 3-6 Months Consistently- Result Vary

✦Shelf Life: 1 Year

✦Sizes: 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 64oz, 128oz, 256oz, 512oz

✦Consistency: Mist Lightweight NON GREASY
✦Scent: (No MODIFICATIONS)- Mild Mint Refreshing Scent

*No Chemicals
*No Artificial Fragrances

*For Women, Men, And Children


May help with
*Rejuvenates Dead Skin Cells

*Repairs damaged scalp
*promote healthy hair growth

*Can be used as a Heat Protector

*Helps Moisturize brittle/dry/course Hair

*Promote longevity healing and calming of the scalp
*Soften and helps detangle tough hairs
*Aid in preventing extreme Hair Fall, Shedding, and HairLoss
*Aid in thickening and strengthening hair follicles

***Added hair vitamins to help clean out the hair follicles from environmental debris and scalp build up.

Aloe Vera & Rosemary Spray|Hydration|Condition

Repairing your scalp to help promote hair growth is a great way to begin and end your day. With this light mist saturated aloe vera and rosemary leave- in spray, you can now see your hair transform from dry, brittle, and dehydrated strains to hydrated healthy hair. With added organic oils such as; jojoba oil, castor oil, apricot and argan oil, you can see and feel the improvements of your hair strands. This daily spray will allow your hair to stay hydrated and conditioned so that you can minimize breakage and reduce dull hair while stimulating healthy stronger hair growth.


Aloe Vera Juice Base, Organic Aloe Vera Powder, Rosemary Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Oatstraw, Ginseng Root, Citric Acid, Honey Powder, Spirulina Powder, Chlorella Powder, Pure Castor Oil, Pure Glycerin, Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Apricot Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Multivitamins: (Vegan Biotin and Vitamin C Powder)

How to Use

(Use for at least 6 months, consistently)use twice daily

1. Apply spray to scalp and shaft and massage gently, and leave in

2.If Spray is too heavy for your hair type, apply small amount to fingertips and massage into scalp gently

3.Add Spray to Shampoo & Conditioner to help hydrate scalp and shaft. Rinse thoroughly

4. Use Spray as a Hot Oil Treatment- Apply spray to scalp and shaft, massage gently. Apply 2-3 Plastic Caps, leave on for 20-30 minutes with or without hair dryer. Shampoo throughly!

Shipping + Policies

❗️Please read each product description and FAQ before purchasing

❗️Processing days are 3-5 business days(not calendar days) Shipping days 2-4days (7- 10 day delivery)

❗️We DO NOT rush our processing days


❗️We DO NOT make custom orders 

❗️No Modifications

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How Products Are Made

Queensanity®️ cares about your natural hair by creating the perfect mixture of pure and organic ingredients.

~Our Process~

We make our oils and sprays by an infusion process. We combine our oils or pressed aloe vera juice with of famous herb blends and homemade crystalized hair vitamins.


We have special equipment that allows the herbs to evenly distribute throughout the oil and aloe juice to insure a very potent formula.


After the infusion process, we filter out the herbs from the oil or juice to give a nice clean look. Sometimes herbs are in a powder form so you will still see herbs at the bottom of your product. This is NATURAL and NORMAL and the good stuff. 😉

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
C.D. (United States)
5 stars

5 stars

Torre T (United States)
This is an EXCELLENT product. It sprays o...

This is an EXCELLENT product. It sprays on well (no cheap defective spray bottles), smells good and is very moisturizing for a liquid. Will definitely buy again.

Kelinia J (United States)
5 stars

5 stars

Seantrell S. (United States)
super hydrating and I use as a leave in or...

super hydrating and I use as a leave in or before doing a twistout

Shannon B (United States)
5 stars

5 stars

Stephaney P (United States)
As someone who's been looking to take bett...

As someone who's been looking to take better care of her hair, this is great!

Louisha F. (United States)
She sent me one of the wrong bottles but i...

She sent me one of the wrong bottles but it's ok! Thank you❤️

Lisa H
Awesome hair moisturizer that I can't do w...

Awesome hair moisturizer that I can't do without. Love the quality of all the products.

Kim Walker W
5 stars

5 stars

Nadrina W
5 stars

5 stars